KangHee Kim is a Korean photographer creating surrealist art out of longing.

The first element I think about when we talk of four elements and nature is the air.
Without air, you can’t use the others – you can’t swim, you can’t start a bonfire or live on earth – so it’s like the fundamental one.
It sure knows Instagram artist KangHee Kim with her collection of Golden Hour skies.

I have to admit: I’ve a fetish for sunset and sunrise skies, like a real obsession. Like, a kind of several albums on Iphone obsession.
She’s done several works on several themes – Mirrors, where she photographs mirrors like windows on other backgrounds; Melt about combining surrealism and pop polished photography.

But for me, Golden Hour is her masterpiece: the golden hour is the moment immediately after sunrise and before sunset that she best represents with her collection of skies in that particular moment of the day.
Her Instagram feed is a pleasure for our eyes, a relaxing and sooth view from the grey of the everyday in the rainy city.

The colours are delicate, pastels; moon sometimes peeps out or even a rainbow. Delicate is the word that comes in mind, but also dream and little things. Because with her golden hours, KangHee Kim reminds us to appreciate the simplicity in life and her beauty. But also, reminds us to breathe.