The Milanese artistic panorama, always promotes emerging talent with its pluricultural atmosphere and the cosmopolitan lifestyle the city can offer to the artists, to bring up new projects in order to show their talents.

This is the case of Keta&Unicorns, a new queer platform born in Milan in 2017.
It promotes homoerotic, feminist and gender fluid art, creating discourses and interconnections between sexes, religion and pop culture.

Starting from January 17th till January 29th, an exhibition not to be missed is undoubtedly the one of Keta&unicorns, in LeccoMilano, a bar that through the years showed us how much they believe in talents and synergy.

In 2017, we can say the digital collage technique has became a cult of expression and Keta&Unicorns decided to use this technique to create strong images, designed to indign and amaze the viewer.
It expresses its sexual freedom by combining classical art and religious iconography with sensual and explicit photographs, sometimes taken from the world of pornography.

I suggest you one quick trip to Lecco Milano, to taste good cocktails and let yourself be amazed by Keta&Unicorns exhibit.