Gio Pastori is the missing piece between art and life – as an illustrator and a creative mind – he always expresses his visions through paper and squared subjects, recreating a new vision of reality.

You collaborated with a lot of people, from Apple Campaign to MYSS  KETA and Calcutta, how do you start your creating process? Does it change from artist to artist?

As a new project starts, a new universe comes to life. I study the task, the subject and its dimension, trying to give a personal shape to the images generated in my mind and then drawing it down.

Your works are colorful fresh air from my point of view, but what inspires you concretely the most?

I am obsessed with images, I love watching things, and people, I am also obsessed with compositions, elements put together in a certain way.   My personal inner archive is constantly updated and whenever a new work arrives I pick from there and Pinterest.

Let’s get a bit theoretical, in your discipline you have to work with a lot of different materials. I am curious to know what your favorite and less favorite ones are to use.

I like all materials. Paper, plastic and wood on all. I would like to create some inflatables now, working with air and floating objects.

But if you could create just one last illustration, what would you do and why?

I would like to design my personal ash urn, also usable as a flower vase.