Loribelle Spirovski is an Australian visual artist who uses paint as her medium to create artworks centering around portraiture.

Loribelle Spirovski creates indirect self-portraits as a way to extract meaning from her identity along with its anxieties and obsessions. She uses paint as her medium for creating these portraits and colour plays an important role in her works that juxtapose hyperrealism with surrealism. 

The artist is most concerned with the idea of space.

Space, as a concept, is of particular importance to her because she is the daughter of immigrants- moved from one space to another. She paints in order to find herself within the space of the canvas. In this way, the viewer in confronted with the artist as they view each portrait.

Each brushstroke is poignant and purposeful as we seek to understand the figures’ relationship to the space in which they are placed.

Hyper realistic facial features are paired with a body draped in clothing that is only conveyed with a few well-placed lines. The combination of techniques leaves no room for doubt as to the technical skill of the artist. The works allow us a glimpse into the human mind and its contradictions.

We are all influenced by the spaces in which we find ourselves, as are the figures in Spirovski’s works.

The figures that she paints appear to fill an otherwise empty place creating a tension between figure and space. The figures are large and looming while still appearing lyrical in their movement. There is created, therefore, a paradox of movement and stillness, of positive and negative, and of reality and dreams.

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