Describe yourself in five words.

It’s difficult to describe myself in five words — but I would say the words that best describe me are: eclectic, moody, thoughtful, multifaceted, paranoid.

Explain to us why you chose these five words.

I picked these words because they are the ones that represent me the most. I’m a thoughtful “composed” person, that evaluates and carefully considers things. Although, often I’m a very instinctive person and I’ll jump on matters without thinking too much. Sometimes my being thoughtful flows into “paranoia” and I tend to see things in a negative way.

But, I do not always consider it a defect and I think that there is always a need for a bit of pessimism dosed with positivity in the right way. The words that best describe me are those related to my being eclectic and multifaceted: I space a lot and I’m always passionate about possibilities and that affects everything affects the way I am.That’s why I used the word multifaceted, above all with regard to my externality (mirror of my true IO). And finally moody and consequently unpredictable. But summing up the whole thing I think that the word “complex” is one that describes me best.

How did you express yourself in your art?

I’ve always tried to use my creativity to express myself, in the most immediate way, working on myself and on what comes immediately to others. I think that in the case of my work, instinct comes into play the most. I drop to my natural talent and I believe that impulsivity is a great way to express myself in an authentic way. Following on the previous question, I think the right mix of impulsiveness and reflection work the best and I hope for the best for myself.

We contacted you to show us your vision of self expression in concrete works. How did you react to our proposal?

We have come to live in a world saturated with images. Everyday, we are bombarded with images more than anything else. Since you picked me to be part of this project, I think my images have been seen in some way more impactful than others and for that I couldn’t react with more enthusiasm to your proposal.

Do you think you have been able to express yourself to other people, through your illustrations?

I think so — through the feedback people gave me from my exhibitions. Often people have reviewed me in works somehow less immediate or works where I even thought I got my inner self. So yes, I think my inner self has come to other people and I am very happy and satisfied.

Have you ever decided, for various reasons, to not indulge your self expression, and decided to get closer to a more “cheesy” and “generic” style?

I don’t think so and it would be interesting to ask this question to people who know my work and my artwork to see what they think about it. As I said, there is so much of myself in my drawings and is often an unconscious choice. I’m in my art, my passion, what I love and what fascinates me, so I think that I haven’t approached something “cheesy”.

Why did you agree to participate in our unusual proposal?

Part of the answer lies in the fourth question. I’m always excited to support and collaborate with new projects, especially if they come from young and passionate people like you. Plus, this is another good opportunity to “get away” from the provincial reality in which I live and show my illustrations to a wider audience. I also accepted because of “Oneg Magazine’s” first issue; the self expression precisely. I find it a nice way to get to people. I hope to reach the largest number of people, not just with my art, but also by giving a bit of myself.