We contacted you asking to share with us a playlist that represent what for you self expression is. You clearly have a great musical taste, we focused our attention in some interesting names. It is clear the revolutionary and expressive role that artists such as Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love have had on our generation, but partly don’t you think that these artists are examples of the “Self Expression Martyrs”?

A martyr is someone who bears witness to their beliefs and never abandon it, at the risk of persecution. It is a concept born with Christianity, but I prefer to interpret it in a pagan sense. The artists, as such, are all apostles of Self Expression but among the mentioned playlist M.M. it is more than the others the emblem of it because he pushed his beliefs up to extreme forms of expression, voluntarily self-submitting to a media-social martyrdom and even corporal martyrdom which follows figuratively Christ ones. It is not a coincidence that in the last film in which he plays the protagonist role it’s called “Let Me Make You A Martyr”. Courtney Love is more like a heretic than a martyr. However, she lived, even if in a figurative and not leading sense, Kurt Cobain’s self-injurious and tragic martyrdom, which is not cheap.

Let’s start talking about you, what is the secret for success (not in the economic sense) in your work field?

We are accustomed to associate the concept of success to the notoriety one, but I think that one thing does not necessarily imply the other. I think the most authentic individual success coincides with the realization of their life project, modest or grand it is. In the work areas I have chosen, journalism and music, it appears that celebrity is a “condicio sine qua non” of a certified statement, but I will continue to ignore it like I’m already doing, to fully enjoy the gratification that writing and mixing music is giving me, without too many leadership delusions.

How do you coincide your two poles, the daytime and nighttime one?

They coexist but do not coincide. Standing behind a desk is not like standing behind a console and vice versa. I love this bipolarity.

Where do you think you can give the most, and above all, where do you feel you belong more?

Music is my reason for living. The writing, however, gives me the opportunity to live out many other lives through research, articles and especially interviews. The only sense of belonging that I feel is precisely the one to life …

You have played for many years now, we can say that in part you have witnessed a generational change, do you think you’ve perceived this change – generational gap?

The evidence of change is embodied in the musical tastes of those who now goes to the disco. The indie evenings no longer exist, if not in the form of boring revival as we were a few years ago. “Rock is deader than dead,” one might say, and the EDM has changed for the worse the contemporary electronics face. Fortunately everything is not negative, you just need to have taste in music and choose good places to go dancing. Teenagers now listen mostly poor quality of rap and pop, goodbye to punk,dark and metal. It’s a total detachment, we are no longer in 1999.

Our generation is known to be defined as the “Generation Y”, a superficial generation grew up with the obsession to have to be something with the obsession to have to be pretty much anything. Do you think that this continuous show of Self Expression (continuously having to identify ourselves) is leading to a ghettoization?

I would speak of massification. In music, the ghetto is not a limiting location, rather it is paradoxically exclusive, where you are self-borders because in the margins of a society to challenge and deny. At the macroscopic level who flaunts himself today, on social even before in the reality, to make a simple example, it acts in opposed dynamics according to those of the ghetto. He wants to be like everyone else, adopt the same aesthetic codes and thus also bring their musical tastes. Those who make the difference are there and they are seen, but only under a microscope.

According to you, what would it bring this ossessive need to constantly define ourselves?

Definitions are always relatives, changing with the changing of fashions and ideas. I think there isn’t a more deceptive term of “definition”. Instead It is definitive, that all of this will not certain lead to apocalypse but only to the birth of a “social group”, pleased by new customs and new narcissism.