Matt Pascoe – How sport, especially soccer, can be a start for an artwork and the creation of a mascotte and original character.

Matt Pascoe developed a curious concept in sport world using a brilliant solution. 
A shirt is not only a shirt: it can tell us about memories and certain moments of the past linked to when we wore it and what we did with it.
So, it’s not strange that a sport shirt, especially soccer players’ ones, can be a real fetish for passionates and sport people.

Soccer audience has a real obsession for shirts of their favorite players: they wore it during the match as a form of superstition, they wore it at the stadium or during a match between friends. They will sleep with it, dreaming of being like their favorite player.
So, the shirt is not only a shirt: it becomes an artwork not only on a print – the artist started selling his art-prints – but the brand mascotte and the symbol of all soccer passionates of the world.

Matt Pascoe combines a real sport passion with brand awareness and pop graphics.

Matt Pascoe improved the soccer players’ shirts with a mascotte, a little skeleton in a chubby and cute form with big eyes holes and a trendy look. So, he reached for a brilliant and marvelous realization of this sport fetish.

After the art-prints, he started with an online store – Kit and Bone – that recreates on a shirt the number of the soccer player you love with the little skeleton on it and, in the front, the little skeleton wearing the original shirt, making a piece of clothing a little work of art, celebrating the soccer and all the football players and football obsessed in the world.

A funny and original way to celebrate an ancient sport that can make resonate all the hearts of people in the world at the same time through colors and apparel of a shirt.
A sport to die for, but only in this cute way.

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