I always believed in self-teaching attitudes but only after Eric Lacombe, I definitely got my proof.

Eric is an artist who lives and works in Lyon (France), he exited every Sehnsucht fan – like me – creating a very deep and dark poetry drawn on papers celebrating what we could sum up as melancholy.

In his sadly beautiful ‘melancholic stains’ it is possible to see and admire all the shades of human mind in metaphysical sceneries, seasoned with a bit of spleen.

Lacombe precisely deconstructs the subjects of his compositions to highlight their three-dimensional qualities and invite the viewers to come up with their own interpretation

He uses acrylics, paper, oil, pens and various other techniques and materials. Eric’s paintings can be found in many private collections, and have been included in many group and solo exhibitions all over Europe.

If you like old school art and a pure blue-shaded point of view, you need to know more about Eric and of course about his works.