Modern Baroque: elegant collages and mix of images from a talented Instagram artist

Nowadays, Instagram collages are the most used art you can find on that social network.
Everyday we can find at least one art feed proposing a certain collage between art and other pictures.
But Nirvana Kamala, this eighteen Kurdish Instagram sensation, is proposing something totally different from the multitude.

She’s traveling through the time erasing the gap between our era and past years mixing eternal divas, celebrities and modern pop culture with eternal art, and she’s making this through the handy art of collage.
Collage, an handmade kind of art, a crafty one, is the key that makes survive icons and art in Kamala’s work. 

We can find the Virgin Mary with Mia Wallace’s face smoking in a church, or the Venus from Cabanel with the body of a wonderbra ad’s model; the Monnalisa with a naked shoulder sipping from a red wine glass or the Hayez’s lovers kissing in front of a neon cheap motel.

This new kind of art history has make us fell in love: seeing Frida Kahlo spying on us with Van Gogh’s eyes or the Venus in a Quentin Tarantino inspired swimsuit is everything we didn’t know to want till we’ve seen it.
Nirvana said in an interview that she doesn’t consider herself as an artist, but only an art lover that wants to mix different eras to make us see as the art is subjective and various.

But for us, this is 100% a kind of art: she mixes pictures with a particular attention to make them seems real, choosing the icons and art to represent, implying an hard work before of research and choice. Then, the end of the process it’s a beautiful and hand made new kind of painting, a modern one, more elegant than the others because it mixes eternal subjects creating a new kind of eternity. Like the elegance always can.

Click here to see her amazing work!