Today we present Monica Carvalho, a Swiss-born digital artist based in Berlin.

Monica Carvalho is passionate about creating pictures that make you question the reality around you.
When it comes to photo collages and montages we surely know the trend, proposed in some issue for several themes.
But this artist is surely different from the main current of collages.

Monica Carvalho is an artist that loves to make you look twice at the same picture, staring all day long her collages and photomontages.
In an interview, she said that she tries to find similar elements between the two images she will combine, editing her original photography with Photoshop.

But I choose her for this issue because she really enjoys playing with the four elements in nature: woman bodies combined to sea, ground or leaves, hair that become beautiful blue sea, arms that become forests and eyes that become skies.

The four elements all are represented in an original and surreal way, combining the artifices with the simplicity and beauty of nature, human and Earth.
Because we’re all made by four elements, we born in and with them, and Monica Carvalho gets us in touch with our inner nature, reminding we’re nature herself.