As if observed through the eyes of the kitchen or the guy with the broom. Ziska Bachwas created this sequence, while she worked as a barkeeper in Basel clubbing scene. “Everything I saw there and every story I heard from the people having a drink at the bar, I draw down and completed it with my imagination”. She presents a view of the clubbing scene through the clean eyes of one its dependents and takes it to its extremes.

“I used to exaggerate a bit to show how fucked up this scene really is, but I have to correct myself, it’s not only the Techno scene, there are a lot more scenes which are fucked up too, actually our whole society is fucked up, that’s why a lot people have to get fucked up on weekends to get out of their everyday life. But this would take us too far”

This taking us “too far” is what makes her work so capturing, for anyone who lives nightlife, observes it, enjoys it or criticize it. Her works presents that feeling of being an audience dissolving her style and sarcastic perspective in a parallel reality of the human nature.





An article by Fernando Montenegro