Memory is something very strange: you can’t recall the first years of your life, but surely can come back with the face of a stranger and his gaze in your eyes.

How often do we associate a face with a place, a light, an emotion. In the memory are stored mixtures of broken images, fragmented pictures of what we have lived and what we have only imagined.

Antonio Mora is a Spanish artist who recalls this perfect feeling of “nostalgia of nothing”. He blends human portraits with different landscapes through a digital fusion.
He uses photos found online from blogs or Tumblr, from magazines or blogs and mixes them to create a new aesthetic with a nostalgic effect and at the same time mysterious, hybrids that populates our memories.

So we have a face with a skyscraper born from the head, beautiful houses or trees that bloom from eyes or hair, remembering our origins and what feels to recall something that never happened but we only lived in our hearts.
The beaufitul nostalgia of the nothing.