Alejandro Rivers (8.8k followers on Instagram) is a spanish visual artist (but even art director and designer) that made some beautiful works viral on the internet, over all “Rated R”, a visual and artistic representation of the “secret sexual life of normal objects”. We interviewed him, talking about kinks and obsession about spoons, forks and flip-flops.

How would you describe your art in tree adjectives?

Direct. Realistic. Emotional.

You work with a many different materials, subjects and techniques, but what`s your favorites among them?

I think my favorites are wood, marble, cement and gold. I try to be always present in each of my works, but sometimes it’s hard to make sense and make cohabit with each other.

Do you believe certain themes in art are still a taboo?

Art is a method of expression and like other media such as cinema, theater or literature, I think in general there will always be topics that will be considered taboo for certain people. There are things that people do not want to see or hear, much less understand. But precisely for that, for me art allows me to talk about certain issues and express my own vision of them. That people like it or understand it is another issue.

“Rated R” is maybe your most famous and viral work; where did it come the idea of represent sex through objects?

Since I first saw the movie “Toy Story”, I have always liked the idea that toys like certain objects come to life when no one observes them. One day I was thinking about that idea and I imagined what kind of life the objects in front of me would have. On top of my table was a coke, which is funny because I do not drink coke, but I figured if they had a secret life, they would also have sex with each other. It is when I came up with the idea of reprehending the secret sexual life of objects. I did a test with the coca-cola and I found it interesting to move it to other objects.

Objects are part of some kind of kinks and fetish of people, not mentioning the globalization of our society. Are you obsessed by any particular kind of objects?

I recognize that I always buy the same kind of clothes. Probably if you open my closet you would tell me that I have an obsession with dark clothes and sneakers.

What are your perspectives now? Maybe have we inspired you about making something about fetishes?

I am always looking for new ideas to work on, although it is not always easy to combine them with other works. In this case and given the circumstances, I’m sure it could create something related to the topic of taboo.

This time, I wanted to represent the most intimate secrets of some strangers. Many times you meet people, and you think you really know them, but nothing is as it seems. In the end we all wear masks.

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An interview by Andrea Collins