In 2017 there was a boom of graphic artists and Instagram sensations, but only some of this big ocean distinguished themselves for charisma, creativity and originality.
Ali Ossayran is one from this blessed élite; this graphic artist represented a pop and coloured world where everything seems to be fine, in appearence.

The images are colorful, plenty of pastels or bright pink and yellow and with a graphic that reminds a childish world.
But it’s only to be grotesque: the themes represented from the artist are the cult of our year, from tv shows to main social themes, like the addiction to social networks or to selfies.

The tragic and the obscene: skulls with a pink background, Jesus with a Macbook, Eleven from Stranger Things in a funny Kleenex commercial… All the cult issues and people from the last year are represented with sagacity and oddness by Ossayran, certainly one of our favourite Instagram artists from our selection.
Maybe a cult?