The concept of art is that everything has been made and transformed and remaded.

In Milan, for events, it’s more or less the same, but sometimes there are little gems that can amaze you.

Notawave (real name: Marco Zanata) is a digital artist that has made in 25th of May a little vernissage at the atelier of Fiorella Ciaboco named “//OFFLINE”: in a small room clothes with a taste for vintage and orientalism were mixed within an installation of six old televisions and some digital-made images that were played in loop on screen.

Mannequins, cellphones, alienated faces, pink and neon lights were the images that people could see repeating on those screens, again and again; Notawave, as a matter of fact, works with the digital mixing of several concepts: the society were we live, the human relationships and the ones with the social networks and technology, the alienation of the modern man and the research of the identity.

So, what clubbing can be related to the art of Notawave?

Because in the realm of clubbing you don’t exist without posting where you are, without informing people on social networks at what club you are and with who.

Because identity, in clubs, can be changed and even found. Sometimes clubs are the place where you can discover who you truly are.

Because clubbing is also about art, about electronic music (that was played in background at this vernissage) and about gathering with the one you love. But even strangers.

And sometimes, be a stranger in a crowd, in the digital era, is the best thing you can do.


You can find Notawave in:

Via Carlo de Cristoforis 5, Milan

Instagram: @notawave



An article by Andrea Collins