Paola Poludenna uses collage to create simple and delicate pieces. 

The works that she creates are distorted and altered portraits that are stylistically typical of illustrations. 

Throughout the artist’s work there is a focus on the feminine and the female identity. Soft colour palettes dominate and each piece incorporates iconography or metaphor heavy imagery that is carefully collaged with other images. 

This technique helps to create a spatial depth despite the minimal use of shape and objects. Poludenna carefully repurposes and recrafts imagery in a way that further emphasises the already existing traits apparent in the images. 

Poludenna is Ukrainian and is from the city of Uzhgorod where she first started using collage as a technique at the college of arts. The artist experimented with several techniques before the one used now began to dominate her work.

Inspired by old movie posters, the graphics used by the artist are stylistic and reflective of media and advertising. Each collage seems to convey our sensibilities and our ability to exist between emotional extremes. 

Go check her Instagram profile to view more of her amazing collages!