When did your interest in tattoos begin?

How did you know that tattooing would be the way to express yourself. As a child I focused my attention on tattoos, over time watching them carefully. The first time I saw one was on my uncle’s arm. It was a bad quality tattoo. That’s when I think the romance began. Later, as a teenager, I created my first tattoo. At that time, I didn’t understand anything about the tattoo culture or its’ roots. Later, when I drew my second tattoo, it made me closer to this amazing tattoo world, and I wanted to be part of it. I think I realized two or three years ago that tattooing was the way to express myself.

How do you reconcile your art with your work?

Now, I mostly paint subjects as a tattoo designer, thinking how they would look as tattoos while in the sketching stage. Most of the images you see in my Instagram profile are my ideas, strongly connected with me, objects which I am interested in, subjects around me, my world view, my consciousness. Sometimes when I see a problem I have a reason to comment. My views may be different or can be a part of my ordinary daily experience. I can elaborate on a customer’s idea if I believe in it.

How do you deal with clients that demand tattoos that are not part of your style?

In your opinion, does a tattoo ethic still exist? From time to time, I enjoy the service, “Walk Ins Welcome” so that I can achieve good skills as a craftsman. It’s an inalienable part of tattooing and to be a good artist.

What is the strangest topic that you have been asked to tattoo?

Patriotic tattoos, evil, bad emotional and saturated. Yeah, that’s strange in my opinion.

Analyzing your artistic journey, it’s basically clear to see the assiduous presence of the female figure. Is that just an artistic choice or is there something more personal?

“Women” from the beginning of the arts have always been present. There’s a love, no sense living without women, there’s no life without women (woman as a mother, person from where the circle of life begins.) For sure, it’s personal. I try to show a different personality, it’s about my observation; what’s going around me, what I like, what I admire. It’s my commentary on reality.

Turning back time, did you ever see yourself in this position? Are you satisfied?

I didn’t expect anything. Tattooing brings me a lot of fun. It gives me an opportunity to share my insights about the world and to show my views to a wider community. I am grateful and still looking for new horizons to cooperate with in different planes, giving me the opportunity to reach many. It is good to be in a constant state of development.