Today we have the pleasure to share some words with one of the most hunted and darkest – but coolest – club kid in Milan: Gianluca Persia, fashion design student by day and resident performer at Plastic Club by Night.

Who is Gianluca Persia and what is he doing in his life?

Gianluca is a fashion design student who tries to combine his everyday life with his night life, caged within Plastic walls.

Fashion, performances and a lot of darkness; how do you combine all these sides of you in a sample size?

In my vision, there is not difference among fashion and performance, they complement each other perfectly. The dark halo that wraps me is a feature dear to me since ever; most of the time it gets very present and tries to contaminate my other passions like art and staging.

Define you with three of your darkest fears. 

Things that scare me the most are indifference, homologation and ignorance.

Tell us about your peculiar aesthetics: what inspires you and what scares you?

It’s difficult for me to speak about what scares me and what inspires me separately; most of the time I find my biggest inspirations in my fears and in my insecurities. I love talking about horrid and about human mind’s obscurest fetishes because I do believe real human essence hides there, with no masks on.

What are your imminent plans? Can you preview us anything?

I hope to graduate as soon as possible, in order to implement my dreams but most of all I hope to grow further as a performer, getting day by day closer to queer community.

What is, in your opinion, the generation Y’s phobia?

Well, for me the generation Y’s biggest phobia is getting along with reality. In a world where anything is completely digitalized and static – where reality is shown behind a screen – how do we demand to separate it from fiction? Nowadays no one has visceral ambitions because everyone can actually do, or become, everything…but through this vision, we remain nothing.
The problem arises when we get out from this situation and get into the real world – everything seems to crumble on our shoulders and even the tiniest fear becomes a scary monster.

Photography: Alberto Degano

Make-up/Hair: Federico Terni

Headpiece: Gianmarco Bersani