Poliphobia is known as phobia of phobias themselves, the mother of all the kinds of fear.
It is strange to think of how inception can be, having fear of the fear. NAd how numerous can be your list of phobias!

But Fran Krause does it best to recollect of kind of phobias that can existence in human psyche.
He started his project Deep Dark Fears by representing his fears and then, when he became famous, he asked people online to submit theirs. And the result is a beautiful and tragicomic Tumblr full of comics and phobias, from the “simplest” one to the darkest.

People love to see their fear represented by the simple but strong style of Krause, made of neutral colors and stylized men that are scared by something. So all the collection is made by the fear of others’ fears.
A poliphobia, for sure.