Knowing the past is the first step to know our future and Danny Lane seems to know it best. This American but London-resident artist started to be known by his design objects and his particular pieces of furniture, using glass and steel, materials he loves the most. Glass is, for Lane, the best material to be used in a work of art: his well-known Borealis, the largest glass sculpture in the world, is a reproduction of Aurora Borealis as a wall of glass. Maybe, the transparency of the material represents for Lane the research of a clear view in a chaotic and foggy world.

The artist created the series of Carved Cast, working on glass with a new kind of technique and creating this sort of heavy mist recalling the classic sculptures and the ancient traditions of stone carving.

It is in fact this remind to the ancients that create a new kind of dystopia in Lane’s works: he uses a lot of primitive abstraction (he created even a series of paintings that remind the rocky ones of the primitive era), maybe suggesting that our future will be a return to origin and to nature, the one that has always loved us and never judged us, reminding till the very end.

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An article by Andrea Collins