Pupazzaro – Football players through the lens of an instagram Roman artist that combines history of soccer, especially Italian one, with the cultural history of our world.

Pupazzaro is the perfect example of a brilliant and original idea regarding new kind of art.
Fabrizio Birimbelli – real name of Pupazzaro (in Italian means creator of puppets), started from a portrait for a friend and then created portraits for soccer players of Italian team A.S. Roma.
We, Italians, are strange people.

For all the week, our problems haunt us like ghosts and we never feel peaceful. We live for the weekend, but the most of us not for parties or clubs, but for soccer.
Italian Soccer Championship is mostful of months at the end of the week: the cities are emptied, all is calm and silent, but in some hours you can listen to several shouts and bad words. They are the soccer passionate, more than half of the Italian people.
So, it’s amazing that an artist combines the first of the Italian passion to the other Italian passion, art. 

Pupazzaro mixes art, literature and culture with passion for sport, creating a new kind of visionary art.

On his Instagram, you can find several portraits of (not only) Italian football players in the guise of ancient and valorous leaders and captains of wars and battles: there’s Totti drawn like a modern Napoleon, Messi as a brave general or even Buffon with medals and uniform.
All the portraits seems taken back straight from the nineteenth century from the National Gallery or Brera museum: the technique is superbe, original and involving a lot of hard work behind.

Recently, he started drawing famous historical people from our culture like Frida, Van Gogh or Da Vinci in the guise of football players, making us understand how soccer and sport are not only entertainment, but even part of our culture and folkloristic background as people.
Sport as a necessity for our mind and soul.

Check here Pupazzaro work!