First started as Youtube star, then became a pop singer and now she have turned into a cult leader, she is Poppy.

If you have never heard about Poppy you might be years-light ago from reality so let me introduce you this young musician: She is a blondie tiny girl living in the cyber-reality surrounded by a fantasy, she is the main character of her own fairytale and to make it clear who she is you should take a look to the famous video on her Youtube channel named “I’m Poppy” where you can hear for 10 minutes repeating that phrase unstoppable times as a rhetorical device to help you store in your brain who she is. 

Poppy as a character represents the media and its speculation on whether or not a celebrity is a member of a cult. She is a project that supposed to spoof pop culture and the media itself. Poppy is portrayed as a teenager, showing innocence and ignorance towards the “outside world” in her videos. 

Is she a cult? Well I would say definitely yes. Her videos go beyond hypnotic, once you start watching them you cannot stop, you wouldn’t notice but after some time you will feel trapped in her world. The monologues she has with the camera may seem superficial but are nothing that a critic to our society and to the millennial behaviour. Another reason? She is also a fashion icon, her childish and kind-of-innocent look have drawn the attention of tons of designers. 

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