Safe Spaces for Self Love – Luba Dalu

There has been an increase in the attention that has been paid to the idea of self care and self love in a lot of media recently. An illustrator who has been part of creating work around these themes is Luba Dalu, who draws simple but evocative illustrations that consider what it is to be accepting of the self. 

In order to tackle these themes in a more direct fashion there is more often than not some text that accompanies the drawings. This text is usually in the form of a speech bubble, which creates a sense of action and story as it seems that the characters are interacting with the viewer and the illustrations begin, in a small way, to resemble a graphic novel style of drawing. Stylistically, the artist has enhanced this by releasing a zine of some of her works.

Many of the pieces deal with issues and thoughts of feminism, however, the work is not restricted to this and there are several interesting themes and ideas that are addressed through the characters that appear in the illustrations.

Stylistically, most of the illustrations are simple line drawings that are void of colour but there is a beauty in the accessibility of the drawings due to their more rudimental style. This style is also able to communicate a broader theme with the viewer. A theme that normalises would be imperfections and, in this way, the illustrations are able to play into ideas of self-acceptance and love in an interesting way. 

Luba Dalu is one of a small part of media and artists that are pushing back against the tide of negativity that we have experienced for so long when beauty ideals are concerned and, instead, are working to create a safer space in the world within which we can begin to exist.

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