In his actual productions, Sebastien Notre extracts from life elements he likes and makes them cohabit in his paintings. He tries to build another place, a personal and visual paradise in which he could go and live someday. Dogs are part of these elements that he uses regularly and who are very present in his work. He likes dogs because they are calm and quiet. They have sad eyes or happy eyes but they have real eyes.

I see them more as creatures than animals. Not having dogs makes me sad, I don’t get it so i paint it .

The interesting thing is not to paint dogs as they already exist but as he would love them to be.

With colors he likes, make up and sometimes jewelry to make them even more precious and beautiful.
As religion is an obsession, he is obsessed by dogs. If religion is something who brings you love, hope and serenity, dogs are his religion.
These paintings don’t carry any particular messages, they just represent ideal dogs with ideal people in ideal situations.

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