Shih Hsien Hsu creates works that portray the landscapes and broader world that he encounters.

This Taiwanese illustrator creates works that portray the landscapes and broader world that he encounters. Studying at The Royal College of Art in London, he recently won a World Illustration Award.

The illustrations seem deceptively simple, however, there is a careful balance of shape and colour that create dynamic scenes. Despite the dynamism, the technique ensures that there is an overall gentleness to the worlds with which we are presented. 

Through Shih Hsien Hsu’s works we are transported to the scenes that he has discovered through his journeys. Each illustration that is presented to the viewer is done carefully in terms of representation with the artist paying careful attention to portraying the scenes as truthfully as possible. 

In order to fully experience the places that he visits, Shih Hsien Hsu will disconnect from technology while he is there. This, he feels, allows him to more fully understand and better immerse himself into the culture and environment with which he is surrounded.  

The works that are created by the artist extend beyond simply portraying scenes with which he comes in contact. Part of his experience of traveling is involved in the works as he tries to capture the spatial displacement that one can experience as, with modern travel, we move from one place to another so easily. 

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