Difficulties arise almost immediately when one seeks a concise definition of eroticism. Pachu Torres express this term as “erotic spirit or character; also, the use of erotic or sexually arousing imagery in art,” and a psychological definition: “a condition or state of sexual excitement or desire; a tendency to become sexually aroused, usu. by some specified stimulus. Aesthetics by Pachu Torres Relat this term to love; dealing with love: erotic illustrations; evoking sensual love, sexual pleasures and inciting sexual desire; voluptuousness, licentiousness: An erotic dream

Is female sexuality something you feel is important to talk about? How do you navigate that in your illustrations?

Yes, that’s the root of my illustrations. Sexuality is about give and receive pleasure, and for me there’s nothing more erotic than seeing-feeling the pleasure of a woman, so I like to focus not just my art but my real sex life in that point: the female pleasure. We live in a more sexual open-minded time, but sadly the society still has certain complexes due to all the deep cultural taboos and restrictions, all the prejudices surrounding the female sexuality. You can sadly check it on the social media. For example: in my Instagram accounts, people who report my illustrations do it specially in the ones who shows oral sex to women, not to men.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

The curved brush strokes which gives form to female bodies and the expressionist neon colors categorize the aesthetic distinction of my work. My goal in the illustration is the sexual narrative through the visual; transmit sensations through the synesthesia of the black ink and the neon colors. The compositions are not explicit but suggestive, intense enough to know what’s happening without seeing anything explicit.

Tell us about the characters that you illustrate? Do they resemble you or anyone you know, past experiences?

Yes. Not always, but most of the time I draw myself and my lovers. I don’t make a diary of my life in social networks, but I illustrate ideas that have as actors people from my environment and myself (sometimes past experiences, sometimes things I want to do). The best way to share feelings with people is being passionate and honest with your work, show and do what you like.

Your images of the female form – bums, nipples and lips – seek to speak to women more than men. Why do you choose to not approach your work through the male gaze?

Because the male gaze is everywhere, it’s the dominant point of view in art, porn, marketing, etc., and that’s not only sexist, but unfair and boring. Most of the time you have men showing their perspective of erotism and sex to other men and now you have the opposite too: women creating for women. My interests are focused in the females feelings, tastes, pleasures, etc. Men only have a secondary rol on my art: they’re just merely hands, arms or faces that provoke pleasure (caressing, grabbing, choking, spanking, kissing, licking, spitting, etc.).

  1. Apollonia

    26/02/2018 11:03

    I really think the time is up and it feels almost pathetic to me when I read that a man is making this. Please start taking a look at your own bodies and try making art of them. The female body served long enough (including “the female pleasure”).
    Ps.: “not approaching your work through the male gaze” my ass. That’s like beeing white, which I am, and trying to not approach your art through you white gaze. Everybody would get that that would be racist. Why is it so hard to get then that this is still sexist.

  2. Pachu

    05/04/2019 05:06

    what is sexist about eat the pussy!?

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