Freddy Krave: A 21st century photographer who glorifies nudity and sweat, shared with us some thoughts about his works, his persona and L.O.V.E.

Freddy, you celebrate some kind of public privacy: What is the value of intimacy in your works?

It is everything. The purpose is to let other people know that there is nothing wrong in being confident and love our bodies. We should embrace ourselves and feel free to be who we want to be and not what others would want us to be. I put myself out there without boundaries to prove that if I can do it, even you could do it too.

Let’s now focus on the concepts of what you are doing, do you think that LOVE could be one of your ingredients?

My LOVE for art is the first ingredient. Everything I do, I do it because I love the feeling of being free and creative.

So, how would you describe yourself as an artist and how would you like to be seen as an artist from the rest of the world?

I define myself a 21st century photographer because I really feel attached to this era. I love being me and I love being surrounded by modernity. I would like people to understand that art has no rules, so it would be cool for them to try to be open minded most of the time. Unfortunately, it is not often like that but it is okay I mean, everyone has his own way of seeing things.

Provocation or exaltation? Is controversy still a thing today?

Provocation will always work. People cannot wait to be provoked, because they will have a chance to speak their thoughts just to be heard for a second. And I guess controversy is still a thing yeah, because it is always cool to hear different ways of thinking.

As we can see, you don’t seem to hide your body a lot, do you think that self-love could have infected your artistic view?

Art helped me loving myself and loving myself improved my art. It is connected. And I am glad it works like that.

Do you think is there any space left for love in our generation?

Of course! Love is past, present and future.