Marc Ange was born in Rome and is filled with memories from his childhood that he cannot quite separate real from fiction with tales of ‘art, religion and madness’. 

His artistic nature was born from his childhood- his mother from a family of artists and an artist herself. He grew up with a brother that was speechless and an entrepreneurial father. Throughout his artistics works you can see imagery influenced by childhood. 

Growing up under the Red Brigade has also played a role in the work that Ange creates.
These memories influence his designs as the surreal finds its place among a perfectionist’s style. His designs are not ordinary and the brands that fill his portfolio are proof of this. 

The founder of design house Bloom Room, the co-founder of the furniture brand Chimère Edition and the champagne brand Le Bal du Hibou, his design and art makes an unlikely marriage between beauty and savagery.

Looking through his creations, you are torn between the real and the imagined, the gentle and violent. His list of accomplishments is extending to include designing hotels and it is exciting to watch his style be interpreted in this medium.