Anna Jones is the artist behind the Wolfmumma brand. A combination of skulls moons and people dominate the imagery created by @wolfmumma. While the subject matter is macabre at times, there is an ethereal softness that is created through the medium that keeps it from being completely so. 

The illustrations combine black lines with a watercolour texture and this is what creates the complex balance of feeling in the illustrations.
The subject matter holds together with a string of continuity between them in the form of the organic lines and subject matter from the natural world. The transparency and a more ‘natural’ movement of the paint creates an interesting effect.

There is also a range of reality in the artists work. Some images seem to be miles from the everyday norm while others appear more realistic in subject matter. They all, however, lean towards the realm of mysticism in one way or another.

Delicate lines but intense subject matter seem to combine to create a sense of mystery and the mystic in her illustrations. These illustrations are never absent from magic and the obscure.