Vladimir Manyukhin: apocalpyse seen by this Russian artist in every city of our world in a post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Some movies, like 2012 or Independence day, have tried to imagine how cities in every world’s country would become when the Apocalypse strikes in.
Some imagined aliens, some destruction within fire and storms, some diseases or perfectly silent mortal viruses that took blood of every human person alive.
Everyone has his personal vision of the end of the world, sometimes extreme and sometimes “lighter”.

But there’s a Russian artist we’ve chosen for this issue that, in our opinion, have represented in the best way this concept of post-apocalyptic world.
Vladimir Manyukhin is a digital artist that uses Photoshop and 3DMax to represent several cities in the world post the end of the world itself – and we hope he is wrong about it!

He said, in an interview for MuseumStudiesAbroad, that he is influenced by sci-fi works and movies or books, fantasy works and everything surrounds us.

All contributed to create this deserted cities and decimated people all around the world: there is Times Square with tufts of grass, grey sky and none of a tourists around.
There’s the Kremlin sprouts like a magical creepy castle surrounded by disturbing foliage; there’s a railway vagon wrapped in ivy in a toxic atmosphere and few mortal gas in the air. There’s the Lincoln Memorial draped in vines, like an isolated monument in a lost city, as a warning for the few alives in there.

The artist starts with an original snapshot and then adds digital effects like the decay, the dark atmosphere or cancelling people, to create new versions – post apocalyptic ones – of our well-known cities in the world.

Sometimes they’re dogs or animals to keep company to last survivors – like in the movie I am Legend, a reference that can’t be ignored – representing fidelity and love in this scenarios from the end of the world.

Check his work here!