When light meets dark – Chris Rivera

The world portrayed by Chris Rivera is a fascinating nightmare – the one you would like to wake from the soonest possible, but go on thinking about day after day. Because there is something much more incredibly alluring and charming about shadow thank light; magic than reality. So, please, don’t make this nightmare stop. Let’s go on dreaming. 

Ventura County, California-based photographer Christopher J. Rivera explores dark and shadows in his spectacular conceptual photography.
He is an internationally known photographer specialized in fine art, whose work, while it tends to varied, is based on the world of fantasy. A young man battles darkness with a shining wand. A girl cries poisoned black tears of sadness. Trails of lights and dark cover figures. Fire, air, gravity, youth, freedom, power. Everything is ethereal and airy but, at the same time, so real. What’s realest than believing in a fairytale? What’s more tangible than what cannot be explain?

Chris is only 21 years old, but, in spite of that, he has developed a mature sense of storytelling in his work, often writing a few lines of prose to accompany each photograph. The result? A gallery of seductive and compelling pictures – telling the story of what happens when light meets darkness. 

His great passion for photography started when he was a senior in high school. Once he graduated high school, he bought his first DSLR and went straight into experimenting and shooting until he found his voice.
Which is loud and powerful as the flames of hell. 
Don’t wake us up, we do like this never ending nightmare. 

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