If you are a muggle always daydreaming about zipping around on your Nimbus 2000 you will probably love Halno Kujiraoka’s work. Because, at the end of the day, no matter what, we are still the same kids who read Harry Potter and truly believed in the power of magic. And we still do. Because magic is everywhere, just look at your Instagram feed.

Instagram artist @halno is pretty much a wizard when it comes to conjuring up perfect timing, great camera work and a lot of mid-air jumping.
His goal is one: fly around the world on his broomstick—or at least make it look like he has. And he does it skillfully.
Halno came up with this magical concept a couple years ago, and since then, he has created an incredible series of pictures. He shoots mostly in Japan, bringing together the timeless charm of his country and the magical fascination of the i-am-zipping-around-the-quidditch-field kinda vibes. His broomstick has taken him to Japan’s most beautiful landmarks and all around the world. Bali, Taiwan and Thailand are amongst his other recent explorations. 


Halno has garnered over 274,000 followers in the nearly four years since he began his ambitious project, just with a camera and a high jump. Every single one of Halno’s shots involves himself (and sometimes a friend) immortalized in a picture while airborne—usually on a broom Harry Potter style (luckly Nimbus 2000 most recent model), although sometimes with balloons. And, impressively, all images have been completely unedited.
That is the real magic. 

““Sure you can manage that broom, Potter?” said a cold, drawling voice.
Draco Malfoy had arrived for a closer look, Crabbe and Goyle right behind him.
“Yeah, reckon so,” said Harry casually. “

“Hell yes”, said Halno. Keep on flying and make our childish dreams come true, fellow wizard.