Living our days can be a complex challenge: you have to be yourself and someone else, everywhere you go.
That’s way, sometimes, you can lost your guide, your inner self and live in the chaos.

Luc Pierre best represents the chaos of modernity we live in: this french artist use charcoal, oil pastels and acrylic to create mesmerizing tangles that speaks directly to our heart.

A lot of his paintings remember the cave paintings of the primitives, like it is a return to the past, to the origins, where you can’t hide who you are and where weren’t the concept of society that creates a certain kind of chaos nowadays.

The colours are vivid, like yellows and oranges and black that strain on the canvas, like the blood of who we are that is killed in virtue of our social dual.
Everything is chaotic, confused, painted in a complicated and angry way, like the collision between our dualities and the conflict of the reality we live in.