No one can describe the meaning of word “love”.
You can describe a feeling, a sensation, what links you to another human being.
But not the word, the concept, the supreme power of all.
Love is everywhere and is everything, but can you be sure about knowing all of its forms?
Sometimes Love isn’t a pair of girls and boys kissing under the porch of a garden. Sometimes Love is destroying the other, it’s between an older lady and a younger boy or between two over sixty-years old people.
Love is for everyone, no exception needed.
Are you ready to discover it?
Follow me and let me love you.

Call me by your name – Andre Acìman

What happens when a suffocating summer in Northern Italy provides to meet a young boy, Elio, with a college student, Oliver, in a typical Italian villa?
It happens that it would be a summer hardly to forget: Elio discovers for the first time what passion means, that love can be transformed easily in sex and jealousy and obsession and asphyxia. A coming of age novel about desire and what love can do to two guys that discover feeling about each other with the strenght of beginnings.

Our souls at night – Kent Haruf

There is a taboo topic when we talk about love and sex: what happens to them when they regard two older people.
In this masterpiece by the superbe Kent Haruf, two over sixty-years old fall in love for the first time after the death of corrispective partners. They cook and eat together, take care of a young children together, sleep together. Every night, you fall in love with Addie and Louis a little more. A beautiful and moving love story with a strange pairing of old people.

Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma

Lochan and Maya fall in love at first sight. They see each other for the first time years ago and understand that their growing inner feeling was something more than their usual relationship.
They will have sex, have kissing and touching and so on. But there’s a problem.
They’re brother and sister. They have the same blood, the same mother and father, the same sibilings. Can love fly above familiar bloodlines?
Read and fall in love with this forbidden love story, maybe the most forbidden of all.

Lolito – Ben Brooks

A young fifteen-years old boy meets online a middle-aged woman while struggling with his personal formation. This isn’t the classic retelling of Lolita that you can find around. This is a bizarre ride, a ride with laughter and crying and lot of thinking of what having fifteen years old and be in love can mean in our contemporary society. Let you be hooked by Brooks’ style.

No and Me – Delphine De Vigan

“No and me” is that kind of book that leaves you with a sort of bitter smile on your face and you don’t know how to manage it because you are smiling for some reasons but for others… You are tragically sad, because you have some new awareness about life or love. And love is the main stage of this novel: isn’t the kind of romance you will expect by a classic novel, but love is about friendship and strong relationship between two strong girls that struggle to survive in a society they can’t fit in.

The Siren – Tiffany Reisz

I have to warn you: this is not the traditional romance between boy and girl that fell in love.
This is a kinky love story between a submissive, Nora, and her dom, Soren, that happens to be a priest. Yes, a priest. This is a book about what love can be when the one you are obsessed about is the only that makes you fear everything and hurt you the most. This is a book about what love hides in its darkest side, the one you can’t be in touch without let you drown in a sea of irrational feelings and pain. This is a beautiful love story with high stakes of erotica scenes. A must read to open your eyes about what dom/sub relationships can be when we talk about love and not sex.

100 strokes of the brush before bed – Melissa P.

This is a love story that regards the love for ourselves. This is a coming of age story about a girl that search for love in every man and woman she met in every encounter she had.
This is a love story that will teach you how to love yourself, how to discover who you truly are.
This is the story of a girl with lot of fears that wants only to be loved.
This is your story.

On love – Alain De Botton

Can love be analyzed till the extremely little detail?
Alain De Botton say yes: this modern thinker gives us some hints about what love truly is, what is its definition and how relationships works and evolves.
This book is a must read for the ones that mixes philosophy and feelings, that believe in the science of love and that everything has a scientific explanation.