Welcome in your own body: blood, flesh, skin, eyes, stomach, liver, lungs and so on. A beautiful universe isolated in its perfection.
We really don’t spend so much time thinking of how much of well-oliated machine is the body that host us. We give certain things for sure, as an assiome.
So, this issue I suggest eight books about our house, our temple and its different changes.
Because nobody has a body that stays in a way forever.
So change with us.
You won’t regret.

The shape of water – Daniel Kraus & Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro’s most acclamaited movie began also a book. The story so far: a deaf girl fell in love with a sea monster and live the most passionate and beautiful of love stories. The book is lyrical and emotional. It is a manifesto against the hate and fear for anything different. A beautiful love story with a happy ending because it needs an happy ending.

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Most famous book in the horror genre, Shelley created this monster made of steel and zombie material to make a metaphor of what technology was begging to do to our society. A beautiful book about the connection between human body and technology, modern even today.

Methamorphosis – Ovid

Maybe the most famous book about changing bodies, Ovid wrote an epic poem with beautiful and tragic stories of human desires connected to bodies that change in statue, rivers or wonderful plants. Most famous? The Apollo and Dafne one. Marvellous.

Humans – Matt Haig

A warm hearted book about an alien that changes his body into human one, discovering what means living with a soul and human emotions and senses. A book to fall in love with life and our body itself, in continuos change, but not in the feelings we have.

Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka

Like Ovid, Kafka investigates the obscure zones of our human life through the change of the body of a man into an insect. Stunning metaphore for the crisis of the middle-class man in a very low-key century, this book best represents how changing body and perspective sometimes is useful to understand more who we are and who we care.

Indelible – Audelia Saunders

Magdalena is a woman who possesses a gift – she sees words on the bodies of others, describing life events, how they will die, who they will love, sins they have committed. One day she meets a man whose name is written underneath his eye (but he can’t see it.). A book about how often we forget to see and not to only look at others, especially their body that communicates a lot about their lives.

Fairytales – Hans Christian Andersen

Andersen is a master in telling stories from folklore, so drown into his sea of dark tales and original ones, not so Disney and lovely. Like the one about the Little Mermaid, a twisted tale of obsession where the body of a fish changes into a girly human one, to change in the end in sea foam.

Mysterious skin – Scott Heim

The needs of our survival make us, unconsciously or not, choose what to forget, what to remember, how to remember, when to remember.
Same action, different perspectives, different truths. It’s part of the human condition how we experience the world so differently from each other. And so our bodies. A wonderful book about how sometimes a body can’t change, even if time goes by.