There was a time where magic was something ordinary in everyone’s life. When witches where banned and burnt alive, when to make someone fall in love with you or die was easy with spells and potions.
There was alchemy, astrology and then technology, a kind of magic in past times.
Today, I’m gonna show you what remains of magic in our modern literature, what is it to be a magician nowadays.
Because everyone believe in a little of magic, even if it’s only horoscopes.

The wisdom of Unicorns – Joules Taylor

Beautifully illustrated in the style of 80s surrealist pop art, this book will help you channel the magical guidance of unicorns and discover their powers of positivity, spiritual healing and hw to survive in every day situations. It has lot of mantras and mottos, plus some spells and exercises of meditation. Unicorns approved.

The Modern Witchcraft book of love spells – Skye Alexander

Every witch has to have the perfect book to cast spells and this is the one. Skye Alexander make a well-written tell-all anthology of spells about love and relationship, like the one to manifest a partner or the other about how to inject romantic desire in someone’s blood. 
This book will guide you to the modern use of magic to conquer all the hearts you want.

Practical Magic: a beginner’s guide to crystals, horoscopes, psychics & spells – Nikki Van De Car

A charmed introduction to modern magic and mysticism from crystals and astrology to chakras, dream interpretation and also a couple of spells. Focusing on three primary areas (healing, magic and fortune-telling) this book provides the perfect primer for newbies with illustrated how-tos and introductions on topics like herbal tonics and astrological charts to home remedies and suggested rituals that will capture the imaginations of good witches everywhere.

Crystals: the modern guide to crystal healing – Yulia Van Doren

From giving energy to cleanse soul, this book is a modern guide to enhancing your life with these enchanting stones. Featuring 50 of the most common and interesting crystals, you will learn about each stone’s individual properties, where best to position them, the perfect pairings and which are best for you, providing a fresh take on how to use them to enhance your inner positivity. 

The astrology of you and me: how to understand and improve every relationship – Gary Goldschneider

In past times astrology was considered as a kind of dark magic: the one blessed to read stars are also the ones damned for life, because they can tell future and what will happen. Nowadays, there are horoscopes and even if you don’t believe in them, you will be suggested by this beautiful and well-written book about them. It has all about how to manage every relationship in your life, from your besties and your family to your soulmate, thanks to guidance straight from the stars. Chapters are organized by astrological sign to provide the tactics you need to solve any star-crossed situation that comes your way. 

The magicians – Lev Grossman

A beautiful mix between Harry Potter and an episode of Gossip Girl, this book will give you shrinks and make you fall in love with the main character, Quentin. It’s about a magical world and school where serious themes are main course of everyday (like gender roles, sexuality, violence) with lot of battles to make you feel teen and nerdy again. Because it can be reale, magic can really hit you from nowhere.

Harry Potter saga – J.K. Rowling

The first brick in a giant genre of modern fiction, this saga has been read by entire generations of young and adult (and also old) magicians that want to feel the sparkle of magic again.
Start from this one if you want to dream and be introduced in a world where barely you’ll want to leave.

Witch Please. A memoir. Finding the magic in modern times – Misty Bell Stiers

In her smart and direct text, Misty explores spirituality, faith, and finding herself. She shares what she uses her spell book, cauldron, and broomstick for; the significance of Wiccan holidays, many about new beginnings; the surprising history of Wicca; and what kinds of witches there are. It’s candid, but it’s also threaded with magic and has a warming, light-hearted playfulness to it.