Food isn’t only our primary source of energy and surviving: in myths, for example, it can represent discordia, jealousy or forbidden – like the red apple of Adam and Eve and in Lolita or Snowhite, for example,
Evolving, our society gives several and different meanings to every food eatable on the surface of earth. Not least, literature puts everything in it – like the madeleines for Proust.
Here, my choices for this food issue.
Bon Appetit.

The butcher – Alina Reyes

A butcher whispers obscenities and rude words to a little young girl in a lustful summer where the heat goes on and on and passion is consumed between steaks and every sort of dead flesh. You can smell sweat and meat in this little jewel of erotica.

Salt – Mark Kurlanski

Salt is the number one seasoning in our world and also a valuable good. If you’d ever been interested in knowing the history of this particular kind of food, you have to read this essay but the marvellous Kurlanski, discovering the symbolism and how was it been traded till us. A journey through food.

The dinner – Herman Koch

Two couples discuss a secret between their children in a fancy restaurant. Course after course, the four develop an escalation of anger, regrets, sadness and anxiety, till the bloody but juicy ending. Only for fancy tongues.

Julie & Julia – Julie Powell 

Like the celeb movie, this book tells the story of a food blogger and the first woman to be chef and write a recipe book in the XX century. Several recipes salted with some humor and sad moments, it is an enjoyable read between a dinner and a midnight snack.

Like water for chocolate – Laura Esquivel

A beautiful love story narrated by the feminine Tita, daughter of a tyrannic al mum that doesn’t allow to marry her with the sexy Pedro. But Tita found the method: she will cook her feelings, explaining what she feels inside through the passion that food can bring. Steamy like a cocoa cup in winter and sweaty like a summer breeze, this novel will captivate you bringing up the passion for cooking.

Aphrodita – Isabelle Allende

Like the Esquivel’s novel, this book by Allende narrates feelings through recipes for desserts, entrees and several plates, becoming an investigation about what has to be love and sex in Mexico and nowadays.