Time after time says a famous world-wide song and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about today with my selection of books. 
The following novels are all about the long street of memories, the diving and sinking in our minds and hearts researching the deepest fragment of memory, letting nostalgia invide our world.
So are you ready to feel nostalgic and grateful?
Here is my selection for the month. Enjoy.

In search of lost time – Marcel Proust

Proust is the king of recollecting ancient times and memories and in this cycle of books he describes his life from childhood to death, sinking in nostalgia for long time lost – best known: the scene with the madeleines.
If you want to dive into nostalgia and the power of memory, this cycle is for you.

Indignation – Phillip Roth

Best representing the hurting passage from adolescence to adulthood, Indignation is a little gem in the several books written by Roth. The main character is someone you will empathize soon as you read and he tell his story with a  sense of nostalgia of his adolescence, regretting some choices while growing up.

The sense of an ending – Julian Barnes

Perhaps the best book I’ve ever read since some years, Barnes created a little world where the main character tells the story of his love and the triangle created in college years. Memory is the main force of this novel, where he can’t resist being melanchonic and nostalgic about what happened and what he will never have again.

Generations – Flavia Biondi

A beautiful graphic novel by an all Italian artist where a young man returns to his native place.
He will have to fight his origins, taking sacrifices and understanding that sometimes going back home wouldn’t mean to take compromises or giving up the life he fantasized about.

Lands of glass – Alessandro Baricco

“A certain nostalgia of nothing.”
That’s all. 
Everything else would be worthless: Baricco created a story where the power of nostalgia separates and unites two fates.

Separate Rooms – Pier Vittorio Tondelli

The last book before he died, Tondelli narrated the story of a love ended in tragedy: a hurt man recollects the last memories of their beloved boy, died from a disease.
Beautifully tragic, the book is all sinked in nostalgia, diving through the hurt of the loss and the joy of a blooming love.