Sometimes not give light to something is the best way to live.
Literature and its authors, through years and centuries, has taught us this life motto: where you can hide something, don’t be afraid to do it.
Hiding is the best way to be yourself, sometimes.
Here we are with my selection. Enjoy the masking.

Fates and Furies – Lauren Groff

Hiding yourself is the best way to avoid conflicts sometimes and Mathilde, the main character in this novel, surely knows it best.
She married Lotto and lived a beautiful and passionate love story with him, but she hides the real her somewhere dark in her soul, let her explode only few years after their marriage.
A complex and magistrally written marriage story where everything is not what it seems.

The woman at the window – A.J. Finn

Can you hide a human forever?
This is the question that torments us all the book: the main character suffers of a really bad form of agoraphobia, letting her hides herself in her own home, never going out.
One time, she assists something bloody while spying the neighborhood through her window. But who is the real woman at the window?
A complex story with Hitchcockian reminders where hiding the truth and what it can cause is the main theme of the book.

Girl in snow – Dana Kukafka

A thriller with Twin peaks echo where the beloved famous pretty schoolgirl of a little town is murdered, but there’s more you’ll discover about Lucinda Hayes.
She hides the real her all her life before the murder and the three coral voices of the book will discover the truth. And nothing will be hidden forever.

Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon

A touch-warming novel about hiding all the life by the luife itself.
The main character is a girl who suffers of a disease that won’t permit her to be outside and live her life like the rest of the girls her years.
But she will fall in love with the new neighbor and nothing will be the same. Because in the face of love, nobody can hides the real self. You can only discover the truth about you and who you are.

We were liars – Emily Lockhart

A coral novel about a girl and an island where every summer she meets her friends.ù
But nothing is real and everything is hidden in plain sight, so the protagonist won’t see what lays under her eyes, forced to hide herself to protect who she loves.

Younger – Pamela Redmond Satran 

True story of a middle age woman who has hidden her real age through years and years of work in a publishing house. Light-hearted and with some irony and feminism, it’s the book that inspires the famous tv show. Perfect read for the beach.