Violence is an important theme in literature since the begging.
Thinks of Odissey or Illiad: war, blood, passions and betrayal of Greeks, gods and human beings. 
Nowadays, narrative’s compositions have adopted the theme of the violence in slightly metaphorical way: a violence is also being constricted to act in a certain way, to speak even if we don’t want to. To be someone that’s not true for us.
So, here’s my selection about violence, not only on blood or war.
You’ll see.

Peach – Emma Glass

A controversial book about a girl named Peach, vegan since the beginning, constricted by a stranger to eat a sausage. It’s a book played by the metaphor of vegan and carnivour to speak about a delicate theme: rape, violated women and abuse. Strong in every word, crude and beautiful.

History of violence – Edouard Louis

I am obsessed by Edouard Louis, a young french author that mainly talks about his biography.
In this book he recalls to his memory a violence he suffered the night of Christmas some years ago. A stranger followed him home and raped him, leaving the author with questions about what is consent and what is violence in sex and love. Extraordinaire.

Stieg Larsonns’ trilogy

I know it’s really a quadrilogy, but the real one made by the author before dying is made of three books, so here I am: a beautiful psychological and political thriller with a strong feminist protagonist, well-known Lisbeth Salander, that takes revenge of her violent men that abused of her body, mind and life in the past.

Reading Lolita in Tehran – Azar Nafisi

Violence is also constrict someone to not read something to be educated or sexually awaked and that’s the case of this book. A woman in Tehran found a secret bookclub with books censored and prohibited in Tehran cause of their strong and sexually free protagonists.
A shout for freedom of women in islamic state made through books.

A little life – Hanya Yanaghiara

An editorial case of some years ago known from the cover – a picture made by Andy Warhol about a man receiving a blowjob used by the author to indicate suffering – to the themes: violence, abuse, rape, homophobia. The violence of not being who they want to be – the protagonists are four gays from a little town – and of a disease that constricts to be scared by every move in relationships and sex. Heart wrenching.

The girls – Emma Cline

The story of a young girl being attracted by a group of liberal girls in a park, soon to be discovered members of a cult with a mischievous leader. Evie does not realize she is coming closer and closer to unthinkable violence, and to that moment in a girl’s life when everything can go horribly wrong. A story of a brutal formation.