Illustration is the most ancient of all the arts: made by primitives on rocks, it has evolved through the years, becoming the raffinate art that now we know.
Books won’t be the same without some illustrations – keep in mind only few people could read in the past – that made more persons approach to this beautiful passion.
So, here are some advices for reading or make illustrations with books.

Wreck this journal – Keri Smith

A beautiful journal to make by yourself: you’re the own artist of this book.
The author makes you the illustrator of these pages by some instructions she gives to you, unleashing the inner illustrator and artist that is in yourself.

The curious incident of the dog in the night time – Mark Haddon

A beautiful novel about autism where the main character keeps narrating and talking with us using not only words but even his drawings.
An heart warming story to understand more of this particular mental illness.

Alice’s adventures in wonderland – Lewis Carroll

This book won’t be the same without the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, hardly chosen by Lewis Carroll to illustrated the most beautiful and crazy story that has been ever told. 

Understanding comics – Scott McCloud

A mesmerizing compendium and anthology, a sort of a non fiction book and graphic novel about what comics are and how to better understand them. Even a manual for those illustrators in searching of advices for a magistral author of the category.

An abundance of Katherines – John Green

One of the most underrated books by John Green about a boy always in love with a girl named Katherine. The particularity – and audacity – of this book is to use illustrations about algebra and maths to make the reader understand more of hard math problems and life problems themselves.