This is your anthem:
they are afraid,
they say my personality kills.
So, kill to kill.
It’s just people against people,
it’s like the big fish eating the little juicy one,
It’s like killing ourselves with our own hands.
The race is dead but society gives us names –
So, kill to kill.
A mother,
A father,
A family,
A kid –
We can’t let ourselves die
For faith,
For fame.
I’ve never believed in a man called God,
We are all born to die with the only certainty of being all the same
but I see differences – your deadblue eyes can’t compare to mine,
Life made us all different, so why should we try to be all the same?
I’m not ashamed of being me
You have to be brave
The revolution is coming
And this is the dignity of being different
The dignity of being yourself
The dignity of being me.