How is that possible to wake up in a hell,

when you sleep with an angel?

I accepted the emotionality of the void you hid under your thyroid

and I met the darkest centimeters of your pretty soul –

they killed me softly with their occult beauty. […]

Your eyes, your tongue, your fears, your heat, your lies:

I want it all,

I demand your hands all over my density

and I’ll let your mind penetrate the mighty gates of my armor –

I want you to come in;

I want you to destroy me from the inside,

I beg you to take it all leaving the crumbs for dessert –

My body belongs to you as long as you can handle it.

And then I want you to leave,

I need to feel the emptiness caused from the lack of your strength through my flesh,

I am begging you to wreck me, so ruin me intently;

With your heart, your demons, with all your power and cells:

I want it all,

I confide in your anger and I pray for your revenge –

My integrity belongs to you as long as you want it to.

Pleasure and pain

Water and flames

I want it all.