The beauty canon wasn’t the same through the several decades of our history. At certain times, there was the dominion of what we call ugly, horrible, disgusting. All the things that are not conformed with our aesthetic. Here are some selection of books about ugliness and what really means as a concept or state of mind. Enjoy. 

On Ugliness – Umberto Eco 

A marvelous and exhaustive compendium of how our vision of ugliness, the opposite of beauty for the most, has changed through the years and the human beings. It is related with beautiful illustrations and it’s Eco, so I don’t have to add more. 

Invisible Monsters – Chuck Palahniuk 

A young and beautiful top model suffers an injury that took away her jaw, so she finally understands what really is to be ugly and rejected in a society that always wants us perfect and aesthetically fine. 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman 

A warm hearted novel with a (called by society) ugly female main character and the struggles that means to be not as the standards of beauty and with a trauma that weights on your shoulders. 

The Butcher – Alina Reyes 

A bizarre erotic novella where the object of desire of the young girl is a vulgar and horrible butcher. A little gem to understand that sometimes what is ugly for someone is the object of desire of another one. 

Story of the eye – George Bataille 

Best known work of the author, it is a novella about two kids and a priest and horrible and disgusting perversions – including one with an eye from a corpse – that is out of the normal canon of sexuality nowadays. 

Notre Dame de Paris – Victor Hugo 

Famous classic about a rejected by society for being hunchbacked, so ugly and out of the normal beauty of society.