Every year it’s difficult to find good literature in the big ocean of trashy books and bestsellers – nothing bad to read them, I love romance and bad quality erotica, so everyone can read what they want. But real great writers happen to us as miracles and this 2017 wasn’t so bad – I would remember Lincoln in the Bardo or The idiot by Bautman – and we had a great year for literature.
But this list, today, will be a for me cult of 2017, the authors and books I’ve loved and been obsessed, so they will be books from the past or from actual times.
Just enjoy my cult selection for 2017.

Things that happened before the earthquake – Chiara Barzini

A young girl has to move form italy to California: this “small” change provokes a terrible earthquake in her life and of her family.
Barzini wrote a novel that made me think for many days: what we keep when everything changes? What we can learn from a catastrophe? What real affection is?
Surely the best debut from this past year. Perfect in every single word.

Milk & Honey – Rupi Kaur

There was a time when poetry was considered an art for men. Now, for good, it is something everyone can dive into, writing about feelings and nature and society and so on.
But Rupi Kaur did something on another level: she put herself, every little piece of her destroyed self, in small words and poems, creating a new kind of modern poetry.
She talks about love, rape, self-consciouness, self-esteem, being a woman, society and being a human with such rough fragility and raw tenderness that I can’t help to fall in love with this small piece of beautiful poetry.

Whatever – Michel Houellebecq

An old book that made me discover the amazing and strange world that is Michel Houellebecq, a cinic, narcisisstic, sex-obsessed, mysoginist and racist man that writes beautiful novels – even if I don’t recognize myself in his ideas about life and racism and women.
I don’t know how to describe the plot of this book: a man lives his life.
Nothing else.
The perfect debut for an author, Whatever is the mdoern version of The stranger by Camus, resembling all the alienation and the satire about society that we need in this dirty and bad 2017.

The sense of an ending – Julian Barnes

How do you describe the perfect book?
We have a well-made main character, a bizarre counterpart and a strange woman to fall in love. There is life, there is death, there is laugh and crying and passion and hate and friendship and relationships. There are several characters, not everyone important, but surely that remain in your heart for some reasons.
Julian Barnes made what all authors from centuries tried: contain life in words.
And he did brilliantly.

What belongs to you – Garth Greenwell

In origin a short novel, “Mitko”, this book is the longer version of the story of the author and a boy from East Europe that is a gigolò. Not so many pages, but you can feel the passion and erotica between them, even in dirtiest places – they consume their love in public bathrooms or into the woods. The author has a baroque style that made you fell in love with Mitko, but even hating him, leaving you confuse and without a place to stay, like his characters.
A beautiful debut.

Himself – Jess Kidd

Not my cup of tea, but this thriller/horror/comedy book has everything someone can search: a boy that can see ghosts, a missing person, the search for an assassin, a small town, grotesque characters and a list of suspects. There is even love, the unrequieted one, the one-way one. There is feminism and maschilism, a lot of drinking and a lot of swearing.
A beautiful and brilliant debut that made me laugh but even intrigue for the quest of the main character in his journey for the true.
Surely a cult.

Everything everything – Nicola Yoon

When you’ve read so many books like me, there are still few books that will surprise you.
This book is one of them: even if it is a YA, it’s something an adult can appreciate completely.
The story is about a young girl that suffers a rare disease that made her stay at home from her born. But with new neighbours, she finds what love really means and starts feeling something she doesn’t know she would feel ever: the freedom and the truth.
Delicate, tough, amazing and heart-wrecking, this book is perfect for returning feeling something.
Best YA of this year, for sure.

The end of Eddy – Edouard Louis

Autofiction is the escamotage of young authors to talk about themselves and writing something for the perfect debut. But sometimes there are books that can surprise you and Edouard Louis is one of them. This french young author tells the story of his turbolent adolescence with bullies and struggling to be himself in a world that tells him how to feel and who love.
Ferocious, dark, witty and brilliant, this sagace debut will amaze you and leave you wanting more.