Some people may say a real man forges his own future. And it might be so, but I don’t pretend to be that obnoxious to think that way, life as it was for me felt as leave floating on a stream. Wether sunny or rainy I kept floating, steering only to change from river to river to  finally arrive to the sea.

The civilisation we have created sat its root on the ego of our intellect, helped with our endless capabilities we created a sea  of culture and knowledge which soon enough showed me the real small dimensions of the pond where this journey started.

It thought some lessons which eventually turned into the guidelines to follow when steering .Humans when detached of their soul are just Freudian beings, attached to their egos and insecurities which makes it very easy to understand them, just live around them and don’t touch the break points of people, that will make life easier.

Goodness is the most honourable feature of a person, and should be valued as such. Fear is only an ego usually part of an attachment, so is pride which can only lead to pain.

Most importantly it taught me how self perception can be flooded and to strive to succeed over one own weaknesses, because being a Human being means soul over mind and mind over body, so the concept sacrifice and impossible stop existing and is just life.

It is quite clear i don’t say much, I don’t consider either I have that much to say. But this is what I have learned so far and maybe someday I will finish this anecdote telling you how things turned out.

But until then I wish you good luck in your Journey.

Sincerely yours,