How Apocalypse affected books through the centuries and inspired writers and novelists.

Apocalypse: in the beginning was nothing, and to the nothing we will return, someday – hoping very far in time.
Writers, among the centuries, were inspired to imagine a new kind of world in the end of the one they were living in, imagining the apocalypse itself surrounded by their own beliefs and fantasy.
Today I’ll present you some novels about Apocalypse and the end of the world, the best selected by me.
So take a seat and enjoy!

Bible – Anonymous

When I think of the Apocalypse, I think of where all started in terms of beliefs and convictions: the Bible, the book of Christian and Catholic religion that’s the basis of all their cult.
Apocalypse here is very well represented in the form of Satan child, dark sun, storms, Great Flood and other natural phenomenon, but also in disguise of the death of Christ.
Read this book without religion prejudices and you’ll find a very beautiful book about world and its end.

The road – Cormac McCarthy

A father and a child make a journey through the apocalypse that hit the world and make destruction and decimated populations and cities.
Follow their journey to find what caused apocalypse, where the mother is and how i twill end. Intriguing and fascinating tale of the end of the world.

Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

The world has ended and the latest survivals are divided in districts among their economical finances.
A brave heroin takes the seat of her sister in a survival mortal game to entertain rich people and understanding what caused the end of the world and why they live in a so unfair and unpolitical system. Marvelous, not only for young adults.

I am Legend and other stories – Richard Matheson

A collection of stories and tales with the one that inspired the well-known movie I am Legend, where the last survived man on earth is followed by vampires and zombies that want his blood.
Enchanting and entertaining.

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