“When the tension between occupiers and police at wall street got too intense the protesters would turn the tension into a dance party. I feel this work should motivate people to have a small rave before every political discussion. This goes as well for any parliament.”

Intended for the “WTF!?” Exhibit in basel, the loud and flashy installation of Till Langschied, inspiration comes from the comparison between current Korean Reunification campaigns, and the end of  of the cold war which let the youth´s hedonism explosion in the 90’s, so the first generation of millennials  grew up in this kitschy and colorful music landscape  all about dancing with plastic sunflowers. A constant Love parade. It was a way of escapism for sure but it also is a nice utopia that maybe is missing today in the face of political aggression and uncertainty.

Even if not compulsory to be political, artists depend on a free and liberal society

So even when critical it should do more than complain about the status quo. So he picks Trump as just one symptom of our modern scenario. It could have been any others of the modern hate preachers as well, but his particular speech melody worked really well with the song though, Till says.


Instagram: @killallthecoolkids


An article by Fernando Montenegro