Dear future self,

Everything that has happened had lead you to this moment. All the puzzle pieces fit, all the paths make sense. Everything worked out exactly as it should be, or maybe not.

Maybe you still have problems when it comes to express your feelings, you still didn’t learn how to let go on people, emotions, unexpressed situations.

Maybe you didn’t become that strong, indestructible woman you always appeared to be. I bet you are still fragile, trying to keep your messed up life together.

I hope someone suddenly arrived, dropping all the walls you built to protect your broken heart, someone brave enough to fight your demons and patience enough to make you believe in love again.

Don’t stop believing in people. Hope is a bitch, as well as disappointments, but that’s the beauty of your soul. It doesn’t matter how many times someone hurt you, keep following the green light.

Future self, I also have some wishes for you.

Don’t be too tough on youself. Enjoy the little things in life. Smile from your soul, not only when someone makes a joke.

Explore the world, buy airplane tickets and go on unplanned vacations.

Keep sorrounding yourself with the people you love, the ones who make you laugh, the ones who care about you, listen to you and mostly the ones who don’t break promises.

Keep saying whatever the fuck you want. Speak your truth aloud. This is one of your most beautiful qualities and if someone can’t stand it, then it’s not worth keeping.

I want you to be happy and satisfied with your life and most important, with who you are.

All the people were meant to be. All the successes and failures and heartworming and heartbreaking moments were all worth it.

No regrets. You were and are and always will be yourself and that’s what matters above all.

I love you,

Your younger self.

P.S.: Do you still look at the moon?