Lost in the deepest way possible,

resigned, I heard a voice once inaudible:

A gentle and soft oracle took me by the hand,

it was heaven at first sight.

I was picking up the pieces;

the pieces of a broken me,

the parts of a forgotten being.

I started from the primordial pain

where scars and glories used to come together,

because they all succeed in a flow of answers

somehow, somewhere.

Then, I ran into love and hate, my unstable bridges,

feelings I tried to abort from the very beginning –

These are privileges unavailable for all the creatures.

And finally, finally there was him,

my only sin, my only wish.

I ran to him, but he turn his back

so I called for him, but his ears were closed:

I prayed his respect, but he found sweetest words

And a more hospitable home.

But what would it be to have an Eve without Adam?

What is it like to have a paradise not meant for me?

All that remains is the sinner without the sin,

a gun without the kill:

An Eve without a him.